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After distributing millions of new phones since the early 2000s; we wondered what became of them at the end of their life … We realized in 2012; that there was no eco-responsible solution in Europe.

We therefore decided to create the “Grade Zéro” brand as zero defects…

The concept is very simple: give a second life to products that were intended for public landfill and fight against planned obsolescence.

Since then, we have reconditioned more than 300,000 telephones in France and in Europe.

Grade zero is an environmentally friendly brand, all of our products are of premium quality.

Our smartphones are tested at 45 checkpoints and refurbished with only original parts.

We recycle our second-hand stocks mainly in France, upon receipt of stocks to be repackaged: we first erase the data with a technical diagnosis … Then comes the stage of repairing high-tech equipment and replacing the battery only if necessary…

Finally comes the conclusion of the reconditioning process; the final assessment of cosmetic grade and disinfection according to Covids standards. All our products come with original Grade Zero brand packaging with new accessories and a 12-month warranty.

Our after-sales service returns rates are comparable to new products, around 2%!

Thanks to the Grade Zéro brand; you will save money and help protect our environment.



Aesthetic compliance

Phone communication test

Battery check and warrantee

Check on all humidity sensors

Operation: GSM – Wifi – Bluetooth

Supply – synchronisation – headset

Test of all keys

Test of vibrator

Test of photo camera front/rear

Test of micro and speaker

Bacterial treatment

Screen test / Display

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